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Monday, September 1, 2008

Loris Aquarium Page

Over a Copper Moon Betta
My name is Lori, and I have been keeping fish off and on for over 20 yrs. I have at the moment, 1-5.5g with a male Betta, another 5.5g that I sometimes use to spawn in, a 10g with 3 month old PKCT fry (Planted), 2-10g Spawning tanks, a 10g with Red Cherry Shrimp (RCS), and a 55g with Endler's Livebearers that I am starting to breed and my female Betta sorority. I have also started breeding White, Black/Red Copper, and Orange Halfmoon Betta. I have imported 1 male and 6 females (3 Thai girls have died) from Thailand. I love keeping fish. It is very relaxing. I have planted my 55g...or at least I am in the process of it. I have lots of photo's that I will add, but at the moment, I am a bit busy.

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