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Monday, September 1, 2008

Fish, Aquatic News; from Fish as Pets

Fish as Pets, Aquatic News

We will be adding guest posts from members here at Everything Aquatic (such as Jon V)
For members interested, please email me (or other managers) your post, including relevant pictures and links

Selected Current Posts

*PUR or RQE, YouTube Video Fail- Guide to lighting a planted tank
*Common Aquarium Keeping Myths
*Use of Home Softener Water for Bettas, Angels, or Other Fish
*EcoTech Radion Versus TMC Aqua Ray HO LED Aquarium Lights
*Betta Bowl Size; Yahoo Answers, Boring Sponge, Catx
*Red Pest, Invented Fish Disease; Actually Septicemia
*UV Sterilization; Reef Central Aquarium Forum Hall of Shame
*Aquarium Lighting, News; Reef & Google Search
*Google IS Evil, Content Plagiarism
*Submariner, AquaTop Internal UV Sterilizer Review; Kokos Goldfish
*Pet Mountain Review
*Aquarium Moon Lights; Is Moon Light truly Blue?
*Aquarium Maintenance/Service Companies/Referrals
*Wonder Shells; Aquarium Forums Hall of Shame from "Aquatic Community"
*Yahoo Answers Hall of Shame; LED Lights
*LED & T2 Aquarium Lights, News
*Aquarium Yahoo Answers Hall of Shame #7; UV Sterilizers (Again) Part 2
*Columnaris Disease; Aquarium Wikipedia/Blog Hall of Shame #6;
*Aquarium Forum/Blog Hall of Shame #5; UV Sterilizers for Aquariums
*Three separate fish are actually the same
*Possible Melafix, Pimafix Dangers; Labyrinth Fish
*Aquarium Filter Innovations in History
*Aquarium Forum Hall of Shame 4; SHO lights
*Yahoo Answers 3; Yahoo Answers exposed further
*Aquarium Cleaning Machine (Hall of Shame #3)
*DMOZ & SEO Chat; Forums Hall of Shame
*Reef Clams with Foreign Disease Sold for Reef Aquariums
*Yahoo Answers Part 2; Vote Tampering, by Jon V
*Yahoo Answers; a poor place to go for accurate aquatic (pond and aquarium) information
*Zebra Fish for Human Cancer Study
*Aquarium Forum Answers Hall of Shame Part One
*Eatery with 100 Aquariums (Bahooka Restaurant)
*iPod Speaker Betta Tank
*Planaria, Detritus Worms, & Internet aquatic Answers
*Monogenean Parasites, Marine Fish
*Moon Jellyfish
*Aquarium Experience
*Piranha caught by fisherman; are Piranha really a threat
*Celestial Pearl Danio (Galaxy Rasboras Part 2)
*Chloramines in local water supply
*Fair Trade Pets; Cardinal Tetras
*Prescription drugs flushed may harm fish
*Turtle Bill
*Galaxy Rasbora under Threat
*Fish Doctors make a splash
*Another Dead Koi puzzler in Fresno
*Owner admits Game Wardens confiscated 13 fish
*Aquarium Information or lack of (Yahoo Answers, UV Sterilizer)

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