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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What do I need to start a tank, freshwater aquarium

Must haves for starting a new tropical tank

♥ Tank itself ---- the bigger the better

♥ Lid with lights already installed.
(See this article for in depth information for those interested in more advanced aquarium light options: Aquarium Lighting)

♥ an aquarium stand ---appropriate to the tank size (a TV stand or similar things usually don't support the weight)

heater ---- since it's for tropical fish (but get the one that is adjustable and submersible, because the preset ones don't really work)

Filter ---- appropriate to tank size
There are many types to choose from, a few popular types include: the HOB (Power Filter), the Canister Filter, & the Sponge Filters (this is not a complete list of types).

♥ Thermometer ----to check the temperature

Water conditioner ----to make the water safe for your fish

Gravel siphon ---- to do partial water changes -----recommended partial water change of 25% weekly

Carbon ---needs to be replaced every 4-6 weeks (not the complete cartridges but just the carbon itself)

♥ Gravel or marble or sand---- for the bottom

♥ A 5 gallon bucket for water change

♥ a net for your fish when you need to take them out

♥ A bacteria starter -----or water or gravel or squeezed out media from a filter, from an already established tank or pure ammonia

♥ A Fish less Cycling Kit which includes an Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate test kit------ the liquid ones are recommended because they are more accurate

Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle, fishless cycling

♥ And of course Fish food when you buy your fish

♥ a basic Aquarium book is also always helpful

Recommended additional items are :

♥ Bubblers for additional oxygen including an air pump to operate your bubbler

♥ some decorations for your tank to make it look nice

♥ a magnet for the glass

♥ a timer for the lights ----- you're suppose to keep them on for 10-12 hours during the day and turn them off for 12-14 hours at night

aquarium salt (which you can use twice a month or even weekly without harming your fish of 1 tablespoon per 10 gallon, and it also keeps some diseases at bay)

live plants

Co2 setup or plant fertilizer for your plants

UV Sterilizer; although not an essential item, a properly installed and quality UV Sterilizer can make a difference in fish health from disease prevention to immunity via improved Redox. If purchased, it is important to change your UV Bulb every six months

This should help you to start into a wonderful hobby

For further resources, please see this article:

For those interested in maintaining healthy fish, this article is a MUST read:

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