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Saturday, September 13, 2008


Chris4Reef is currently an information site about betta splendens and various other topics that i want to educate people about. Also you can find BioHome which is professional public aquarium grade bio filtration media that is available to the public. BioHome is new to america and can only be bought online from BcAquatics. The dream of Chris4Reef/BcAquatics is to one day, be one of the few home breeders of quality marine life. To be able to provide quality tank raised clownfish, coral frags, and various species of freshwater fish at a cheap price and high quality. Offering cheap stuff for beginner marine keepers. Trying to open doors that werent always open for me is the goal. I would like to be able to produce, keep, and sell clownfish under BCA clownfish. Look for this project to occur in the year 2012 when im out of school. While this is all a dream, Chris4Reef/BcAquatics im hoping will succeed on the small scale level. One of my policies are to always show the exact fish that you will buy. That way there are no tricks and that i 100% back my live stock. one of the many policies that i looked for when i bought fish. So while this is still a long way away, this is the goal that i hope to achieve with Chris4Reef.

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008


This Page is an ongoing project with members pictures added as well as links to member picture hosting accounts (such as photoshop or privates sites such as Carl's web site)

Please let us know (via the pictures thread in the Forum Board) if you would like changes to this Post (Blog)

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