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Monday, September 1, 2008

Aquarium, Pond Information

Let me start off with a quote from Aquarium Information
that hopefully will make a simple point as to reading these articles thoroughly:
I will make my point as to why I feel it is so important that these articles be read in full and not in snips which can result in anecdotal or poor information dissemination;

"In the 1980s I was mentored by an Endocrinologist (MD) whom was also an avid fish keeper (mostly marine). He helped me much understand the ins and outs of medications and one time gave me an in depth medical article that he though had useful information that could be applied to fish as well. Much of the information was not readily easy to understand for me, so I skipped over many sections and gleaned the points I wanted.
Later I was making some points to the Dr. and he stopped me and said I was incorrect and if I had read the article in full, to which I replied, 'no'. He then said that there is no way I could understand this article without reading it in full and applying ALL the information contained there in".

My point is, often it is easy and unfortunately ALL too common in this hobby to read just what we want, and many web sites (such as are good at satisfying this basically lazy desire (of which I too have been guilty of), however this often leads to poor understandings of the subject or worse.

Another point for those who stick to the closely held anecdotal beliefs that so badly permeate the aquarium keeping hobby rather than read researched articles such as those linked to here or at Aquarium/Pond Answers or Aquarium Information, is best summed up by another Mentor of mine, (Reggie) at an aquarium supply wholesaler that finished his business career there (after most of his decades of business in different industries specializing in making poorly managed businesses successful again) told me this:
"I have never seen a more dishonest and back stabbing business than the Aquarium industry".

Aquarium & Pond Articles, Resources, Directories


Freshwater aquarium information, help, resources
Freshwater Aquarium Basics
; A growing resource with information from filtration to “smelly water” problems. Including; • Aquarium (choosing the right aquarium for your FW Fish) • Substrate (Gravel, sand) • Filters • Heater • Water Conditioning • Cycling • Live Plants • Fish Acclimation • Feeding • Cleaning

Saltwater help, information, chemistry, filtration, facts
Marine Aquarium Information-Set Up
-Basic to advanced information about marine fish aquariums and nano reefs; A growing resource with sub pages in marine fish and invertebrate information as well as marine aquarium set up suggestions.

“A CLEAR POND, PROPER POND FILTRATION, CLEANING & MORE (even pond scarecrows for predatory birds)”

Fish Beginner

Aquarium Fish articles laid out in an esy to read question and answer FAQ format

Aquarium Answers, pond and general aquatics post, resources, articles
- Questions Answered from aquatic forums & More. You will find answers to some very unique questions here such as:

*Fish Diseases | How to Treat Sick Fish
*Whirling Disease (Myxobolus cerebralis) in Fish
*Reef Aquarium Chemistry Maintenance
*Use of RO, DI, Softwater in Aquariums
*Bio Load in Aquarium or Pond
*Tuberculosis in Fish
*PUR vs PAR in Aquarium Lighting
*Betta Fin Rot; Treatment and Prevention
*Head Pressure in Aquarium and Pond Water Pumps
*Angelfish Virus/Aids
*Use of Activated Carbon in Freshwater, Marine Aquariums and Ponds
*Fish Baths/Dips as an aid to treatment
*Streptococcus, Eye Infections
*Hydrogen Sulfide production in anaerobic De-Nitrification for Aquarium/Pond Nitrate Removal
*Fish Shipping
*Aquarium Size, Stunting
*Aquarium Algae, BBA & Brown Algae in particular
* Aquarium Salt (Sodium chloride) in Freshwater Aquariums
*Betta Habitat; Wild Bettas to Domestic Betta environment parameters
*HITH; Hole in the Head Disease
*Aquarium Protein skimmers
*Power Head Pump Review
*Molly Disease; Keeping Mollies in an Aquarium
*Basic Fish Anatomy, fin identification
*Aquarium Moving & Power Failure
*Octopus as Pets
*Aquarium Nitrates
*Ichthyophonus fungus in fish
*Aquarium and Pond Filter Media; types, capacities and more.
*Aquarium Water Conditioners (also Pond)
*Fish Parasites; Trematodes, Annelids and Nematodes; Flukes, internal worms, Detritus Worms (often confused with Planaria), Micro Worms
*Aquarium Silicone Applications; Aquarium Repair and DIY Aquarium Glass thickness
*Pond Veggie Filters; DIY
*The difference between Plaster of Paris and aquarium products such a Wonder Shells:
*NEON TETRA DISEASE (Identification, prevention and possible treatment of):
*AQUARIUM TEST KITS; what they are used for and their importance.
*SEXING FISH; The differences between males and females (if any)
*Chocolate Chip, Knobby and Fromia Starfish
*Freshwater Velvet/ Costia
*Usnic Acid as a Fish Remedy
*Aquarium Heaters; Preset vs. non-preset
* The Lateral Line in Fish as well as Lateral Line Disease or Head and Lateral Line Erosion (HLLE)
*What I should know about Tap Water for my Aquarium
*Can black ghost knife fish give an electric shock?
*Do Bio Wheels really work?
*How do Fish Drink? PROPER OSMOTIC FUNCTION- Electrolytes
*Cyclops, and Predatory Damselfly larvae
*Betta with Dropsy; Treatment and Prevention of DROPSY in all fish
*Blue green algae (Cyanobacteria) in aquariums

Aquarium Information

Here is the site from which most of my non aquarium answers articles can be found

; UGF, HOB, Sponge, Internal, Canister, Wet/Dry, Fluidized Bed, Mud, Germicidal, and Protein Skimmer Filters.

; treatments, how they work, and which ones to use and not to use. This article encompasses four pages with a summary discussing differences and bacteria and more with sub pages in Antibiotics, Chemical treatment, and finally organic treatments

Aquarium Lighting
; The internets premier and most researched, up to date site for aquatic lighting information.

The Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle, ammonia, nitrites, fishless cycling
: Very well researched information about nitrification, de-nitrification, types of bio bacteria (such as Autotrophic and Heterotrophic Bacteria, methods of aquarium cycling, and what to do for high ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates

Aquarium Plants; Substrate, Ferts, CO2, Lighting, and other Factors
-Also Aquarium Plant Information about Hornwort, Anubias, Java Fern, Java Moss, and more

Sponge filtration
; How sponge filters work and the benefits of using sponge filters in aquariums and ponds

Proper Fish Nutrition
- From what constitutes a Quality Fish Food; What ingredients are needed for proper fish nutrition, growth and health; to how and when to feed, live foods, homemade fish food, gut loading live foods and more

Spirulina Algae
; The aquatic health benefits for Tropical, Marine and Goldfish, including gut loading feeder fish and worms

; Care, Breeding, housing, Disease Prevention and Treatment

Ultra violet sterilization in aquariums and ponds
Aquarium and Pond UV Sterilization
- Why should you use a ultra-violet sterilizer? (How UV sterilization works). This article explains the benefits and myths about aquarium and pond UV sterilization; What is UVC and what is the proper UVC wave length? What is the Redox Potential and what is the proper Redox Potential?
UV Bulb maintenance.

; How to maintain a Proper KH, why calcium & Electrolytes important .

A HEALTHY AQUARIUM; DISEASE PREVENTION; basic principles of disease prevention in aquariums with these steps/sections;
• Cleanliness • Good Filtration • Use of Ultraviolet Sterilization • Correct feeding • Correct Water Chemistry • Good Lighting • When to treat for disease • Quarantine, baths, dips • Sterilization of aquariums

Aquarium Ich treatment identification and treatmentAquarium Ich: Ichthyophthirius multifilis and Cryptocaryon irritans treatment, identification, and life cycle (freshwater and marine).

- The Proper treatment of columnaris/flexibacteria, Saprolegnia, fungus in aquariums and ponds

Treatment and Identification of Aeromonas, Vibrio, Septicemia, Furunculosis
in Aquariums and Ponds

THE REDOX POTENTIAL IN AQUARIUMS (& PONDS);how it relates to proper aquatic health

AQUARIUM INFORMATION: DIRECTORYThis is a link to a great resource for aquarium information links, directories, and products. This is a growing resource site, so check back often.


*AquaTop CF-300 questions

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